Matrimonial Madness!

I have renamed this year from “Year of horse” to “Year of weddings” :P Every day some or the other friends call me up to say “Hey! Am getting married” or more often I get the news through our Mark Zuckerberg’s E-spy who dutifully informs me if anybody gets married or gets engaged :P
Weddings are fun… errrr… Let me reframe it …wedding discussion and the process involved is fun if we are just a spectator ;) Here are few things that made me :lol: , do a #facepalm, :roll: , :oops: and of course :mad:
I called up my friend to check with her whether she is available for a meet. She heard and gave me a reaction as if I called her to push her down from a 20-storey building :roll: She said “Hey I have so much of wedding shopping to be done… Its so tough” I was completely taken aback…I didn’t even get the slightest hint about her wedding till that day..I cursed Mark’s spy for letting me down (While cursing, I was frantically scrolling the page for the hints :P ) I hid my shock and asked “You are getting married?Wow! You never told me… Idiot! ” She laughed and remarked “Ya am getting married! But we are yet to find the guy… Thought will tell you once we finalize a guy” I was searching for expressions to react…Sensing my non-expressive silence she explained that she was all set to complete majority of her wedding shopping now as she wasn’t sure whether she would get time for all this once wedding is fixed :roll: Trust me… I was speechless!
One thing which irritated me a lot offlate was the matrimonial ads that my friend showed me. Everything almost the same “A good looking guy/girl completed some xyz degree is looking for a suitable good looking, responsible bride/groom. Contact :+91XXXXXXXXX”. It was nothing but ads in OLX or Quickr rephrased. “A machine with very good spare parts and attractive design in working condition ready for sale. Interested buyers contact:+91XXXXXXXXX. Living and non-living…both are bought/sold the same way?� 
I too had few first hand experience in the past few days. When the girl is about to reach her mid 20s, wedding is the first thing that people talk about especially when you are around. Am no  different.
#Scene  : At some xyz’s abc function
In a typical Indian arranged marriage, each and every person of the family has an opinion about the “perfect” guy who might be eligible to join their clan :P   Presenting my Kurkure family as the panelists  for the most heated discussion on ‘How should the guy be?’
Mom: He should be smart, handsome, intelligent… (add all positive adjectives possible) guy. *mindvoice* On the whole, a non-existent guy :P
Dad: He should be a confident guy like Modi. He should be cute (dimples prefered ) like Rahul but definitely should have the potential to convice people with his opinions even if the entire world is against him…something like our Arnab. *mindvoice* Hopefully the political groom doesn’t sit on a dharna like kejriwal when he finds the priest hiding a ghee bottle in his bag :P
Cousin1 : He should be a Man-U fan … shouts *Man-U Man-U*
Cousin 2: No… he should be Arsenal supporter … *both get away fighting* #facepalm
Cousin 3 (younger sister): He should be from the north… cos north guys are sooooooooo cute  *mindvoice* Oh ! her recent crush is a north indian
Cousin 4(another sis): Shut up! Guys from south are the best…. Please keep your opinion to yourself *mindvoice* Ahem Ahem..Point noted ! Mark’s e spy…Here I come
Aunt: He should be as smart as RK of madhubala (goes on and on till she covers every possible character from her favourite serials) *mindvoice* Somebody please disconnect her cable channels.
Granny: She likes somebody called Shahid Kapoor. I feel they should go ahead and finalize him. But these people don’t listen *mind voice* Paaaaaati! You are the best!
So finally the question turns to the victim
Yours truely : I don’t want to get married now! Period!
100s of mind voices with 1000s of questions :P
Tamasha Continues ;)

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