Fat Thoughts

“Pehle mein bahuth moti thi…Bahuth pareshan thi…” an American model was whining in a language completely foreign to her :lol: The dubbing voice made sure, it did justice with the modulation and the model’s expression :P A photo which bore no resemblance to her was flashing at the top of the screen. The girl…errr…. rather woman on the photo was 5 times the size of the model who was talking. It was yet another advertisement for one of the getting-thin-in-10-days type of products. I don’t understand how these people could (claim to) so easily go to Amazon forest to make all kinds of products time and again :roll:
Offlate, people have become a lot more health conscious which is of course a very good sign. Products that claim to have only natural products, no added sugar, no added fat are the hot cakes(I mean cakes without sugar and no added fat :P ) in the market. There are heath tips shared at every given chance. Beetroot juice, Carrot juice are on a close competition to bag the first palce as the most sought after juices in the juice counter :P All is well till it doesn’t go overboard..But if it does… Phew!
:arrow: Brownie- The enemy
I went out with a cousin of mine and her friends…It’s a type of gang that asks “Do you use skimmed milk?” to a completely confused saravan bhavan waiter on seeing the menu card :P So I ended up with such a gang in a coffee shop. While scanning the menu card, my eyes got struck at a brownie picture and was so tempted to have it. We placed orders… I didn’t pay heed to what they ordered as my mind was too pre occupied with the brownie picture flashing every second. Orders arrived. I had a 1000 watt smile seeing my love arrive exclusively for me :P I was all set… As soon as my knife touched it, one of the girls yelled out “OMG! You are going to have this? “ I looked around, observing my brownie in all possible directions to find atleast a minor defect. It looked very much perfect to me and of course more tempting now! Seeing my perplexed look, she continued “Sooooo many calories…. Just can’t think of it! I would have to starve for a week to compensate that” :roll: I dropped my knife for a split of a second… Later, I replied “Ahhh! Good that you told me… Else I would have offered it to you! ” and I continued enjoying my brownie dearest :P
:arrow: Say Cheeeese
Am a big fan of cheese right from when I was a kid! I still remember, when in school, I used to have cheese cubes for snacks. I used to relish cheese with so much love that seeing me eat like that, my neighbour who is a milk hater started eating cheese… of course… got addicted to it ;) Going by my cheese love history, I first look out for cheese related starters… mostly I just have starters and desserts… skip the main course :oops: I shouted “Cheese balls” as my vote for starter… My sister paid no heed! :roll: She ordered some lettuce based starter quoting “Cheese is not good…Have healthy food always” :( I felt like a rabbit…feeding on the lettuce leaves :roll:
Similar incidents have happened with my dil ki dadkan… chocolates… people were so opposed to our love for eachother that they tried all possible means to pull us apart! But as you know… Love conquers all hurdles! And we found eachother inseparable ;)
So what am trying to tell is… Eat healthy! But don’t let it dig a grave and bury your taste buds as well as that of others next to you ;)
So #NoteToSelf: Never go to a restaurant with fitness freaks :P

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