What kind of art do you practice?

“My daughter is doing a degree in Bharathnatyam… My daughter is also an excellent singer… She knows violin too… My daughter… my daughter… my daughter…” aunty- acid (I named her that as I didn’t know her name plus she resembled the aunty-acid picture :P
)  kept going on and on… When I looked at her daughter, the great… she was looking as if she will faint any moment and we have to be ready with glucose by her side :P Now aunt-acid turned to me and asked “So… Which art do you practice?” With a naive face and a broad grin, I answered “I am into Nail art” :P I loved her expression … she didn’t know how to react… Her daughter was all smiles, thoroughly enjoying the moment of her mom’s speechlessness :P So finally when our aunt acid managed to find words “Oh! Guess… Am getting late.” was all she could tell ;)
So here are few samples of my art form… Specially dedicated to aunt acid and her daughter ;)
Blue and white, beauty sight!

Blue and white, beauty sight!

Short and simple!

Short and simple!
Color Color... what color do you choose?

Color Color… what color do you choose?


I wanted to write a girly girly post to dedicate to all the wonderful women I know and I couldn’t think of anything better :D
To all the lovely ladies out there… Happy Women’s day :D You make the world beautiful :D
And to all the macho men, thanks for making us feel special and beautiful :D:D :D

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