One New Comment!

7.30 p.m
She pressed the spacebar key and her monitor came alive, woken from the slumber! She quickly opened her mailbox and murmered “7 new comments… Good!  And 3 reply comments from crazyguy_34 “
10 pm
She started penning down her post for today… Her story was drawing towards climax. Her protogonist has made her readers to cry, laugh and of course to fall in love. She was still in a dilemma whether to have a happy ending or not. She still had 24 hrs hrs to decide that!
12 a.m
After a series of changes and re-reading, her post was ready. She once again skimmed through it, just to be sure everything was fine. Her mouse hovers over “Submit” button,1…2…3… click! Her post was ready for her readers!
12.03 am
She refreshed her blog page! No new comments… She was growing impatient! Refresh… Again refreshed.. No change! She murmered “Why am I so bothered?”
12 am:
“Phew! Finally she posts” He started reading without any further ado… When he reached the end, he found himself smiling at monitor! He was waiting for this minute throughout the day. Its been more than 6 months now and he knows he’s completely addicted …and not just to her post ….His smile broadened! He typed
crazyguy_34: Ahem… Ahem…so finally she accepts that she is in love :) Loved it as always!
This has become a routine! He hds never failed to comment first. He had irritated her with his sarcastic comments many a time and had got back the reply with the same scoope of sarcasm . Now it had become a daily ritual for both of them! He kept starring at the screen without pressing the comment button. He wanted to tease her a bit and delayed posting the comment. He could stand no more… Finally “comment”!
‘Am going to sleep! I cannot wait more. Let him not comment! Who cares!’ She got up from her seat… One final refresh and am done! One new comment… A smile crept in automatically! She sat down again…Read the comment and changed her reply thrice before posting..”Crazy guy! Seriously” she smiled! Now it was his turn to mail her a detailed feedback about her post…as always!
Next day @ work: 10 am
She sat in front of her monitor to check the much awaited mail…She muttered few curses seeing the unresponsive monitor. She got up and decided to reach out to her  team mate who keeps a low profile . He reluctantly stood up to offer his system . His mailbox was open, she accused him of being careless and tried logging off while her eyes caught something
 Sent items  displayed : A series of mails sent from…crazyguy_34
Same moment, her monitor came to life when he adjusted few wires…just to display her mailbox
Inbox: A series of mails received from…crazyguy_34
Their eyes met… All they could hear was just their heartbeat that was thumping loudly !
My first ever fiction attempt

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