Wow! Whatte start!

Fresh Year, Fresh start… As always, hopes are high … I wish I don’t let it die (Does it rhyme by any chance? :roll: ) I felt 2013 went off in a jiffy… Has the earth drunk Boost and increased its speed of rotation and revolution? :roll: Lets leave it to the scientists :P
So 2014 has started pretty good for me as I was on leave and had a long weekend ;)HCM Leave comments states the reason as family function… Trust me… I never lie :mrgreen: My new year kick started with fun, celebration and tasty food ;)
These family functions gain a lot of excitement similar to our school picnic dates as and when the date draws closer and closer. This was no different. With my cousins and me discussing the dress and indulging in shopping every now and then, the function became the trending topic among the family members ;) Anybody and everybody (all generations) had some or the other update regarding the function… Cousins started arriving from all parts of the world… Excitement was surely in the air, though we were just participants and didn’t have much role as such :D
The eve of the function was just Hi-s, Hugs and catching up with the missed gossips with cousins ;) Then slowly the naughty kids in us showed up :P We heard there is a canteen in an music concert auditorium that serves tasty dishes… since it is music season, the canteen had updated their menu :P This info was given to me by one of my cousins who took his bike to gather all required updates from the surrounding areas ! So, as soon as he  gave this news, we were excited!
We made a plan to slowly sneak out of the function hall when people are busy. We also decided that all of us won’t go out at the same time as it might trigger suspicion (CBIs you see ;) ). There was a tea stall about 2 min away from the function hall. It was going to be our meeting spot to gather and complete our mission.
Two or three of us started trickling out from the hall, signalling the others. So we finally went there, had all possible dishes and made our way back to the hall. Though the dishes weren’t anything special and the food arranged was no less, the thrill and the fun involved was awesome :D We looked as if we are plotting a murder or kidnap… standing in group with serious faces, whispering in husky voices, alerting if we see any potential danger (elders) . The best part was, we didn’t plan the finance part :P So had to gather all coins and notes available to pay the bill as the canteen was so big that it didn’t have card swiping option too :P We stood under a fan that hardly rotated , shared the same plate, spoke in loud voice , laughed loud and ate as if we haven’t seen food for a while… I realised nothing feels awkward when you are actually with a group of people who are as insane as you are�  The server was glad that we were literally fighting to eat his canteen’s food :P Well, it was the tastiest food at that moment�  Giggles and mischievous grins that followed, made me relive my childhood days :D
Many such events happened all through the function… Like managing conversation with people for 15 min without giving them a hint that we don’t recognize them, dumping my cousin’s plate with all the items that I don’t like, searching and bribing my little cousins to find my mobile phone that was hid by my brother and so on!
On the whole, 2014 has started very very well and I wish it continues to be the same :DWish you all an amazing year with lots of blogging activities ;) (Well that’s a note to self :P)

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