Feel the Feel

Happiness, anger, surprise, sorrow, love.. Emotions are plenty ! Facebook users (I guess everybody) will be familiar with the newly included Feelings icon where we add ‘Feeling sad’ ‘Feeling loved’ ‘Feeling blessed’… so on. Many a time, I have clicked that icon and pondered for a while about how actually am feeling at that moment :P I just thought of compiling few incidents that took place recently for which choosing an emotion was easy
:arrow: Feeling cartoonised
I had to go to a place for a get together and trust me, am very bad at routes. Eventhough they try hard to explain the map, I end up getting confused. Just before I started to this place, my dad and mom had given me clear instructions on the rights and lefts… In fact my mom went on to draw the roads on the paper to explain :P But as always, I asked for the stop, got down from the bus and just blinked :roll: Thanks to the smartphone era :mrgreen: I opened the Navigation app and typed the location…. The blue arrow blinked and screamed “you are here” (reminding me of my mom’s affectionate tone when I keep asking her doubts in her drawn map). I started following the route…within 10 steps there was a government boys high school on the left.. Yess! I am on the right path. Everytime I crossed a landmark that was shown on my intelligent phone, I smiled with glee :D  I was reminded of Dora, the explorer :roll: where she goes searching for the destination, locating the landmarks that she has to cross using her Map :roll: Well, I guess its time that I reduce watching cartoons :roll:  
:arrow: Feeling touched
A flowerseller always sits near a grocery store that we often visit. I have seen her daughter many a time getting ready for school and leaving. It felt great to see her mom (flower seller )waving bye with pride. My mom was buying flowers and her daughter came running. Seeing her in school uniform, my mom enquired about her school and class. Immediately she gave her Rs 300 and told her to buy whatever she needs. That girl was hesitating and when her mom insisted her to take it, she slowly took the money. She went to her mom and asked “Amma, just because we are poor, they are giving me money right? ” I was completely stunned by her maturity. My mom quicky responded ” Illa da… You are getting class 1st right? So I wanted to give you a prize.” Hearing this, her joy knew no bounds and she took her notebook to show us that she got 5stars today :D
:arrow: Feeling surprised
It was one of those unexpected showers in the evening that are offlate frequent in Chennai. I got down at the stop and its a 10 min walk to my home. I like getting drenched so didn’t bother to take my umbrella out (in other words I was lazy :roll: ) I was happily splashing water while walking and suddenly a voice jolted me. “Endha idhu” I looked around with a puppy-face ready to tell sorry to the thin lady who seemed 50+ (I assumed my water-splashing would have definitely ruined her white saree). She pulled me like a mom dragging her kid who was playing in the gutter. I was taken aback and was too shocked to protest anything. She wiped my forehead with her pallu. By then it started raining heavily and I took some courage to open my mouth before which she started scolding me for getting drenched in her malayalam accent. We were standing at a shop for the rain to reduce. She kept holding my hand while we were waiting and I had a Deja’vu’. Everything felt like it has happened before, the lady, rain… When it started drizzling, we again started walking with her holding the umbrella almost completely over my head . She asked in her malayalam accent “I have seen you somewhere but don’t remember” I smiled. I reached my street and before we departed, she patted my head and said “Go home and change quickly or else you’ll get fever”. We both didn’t know eachother but still felt a strange connection :)
:arrow: Feeling punch-on-the-face
I felt like punching the conductor on his face. An old lady (poor too) gave Rs 3 for the ticket after searching for a while. The conductor dropped Rs 2 coin while getting it from her and started yelling at her. He bullied her that if you don’t give the money, get down. She was petrified. She kept begging him but he showed a devil may care attitude. I was to get ticket and I gave a Rs 10 note. He gave back and asked me to give exact change in his irritated tone. I replied sarcastically  “my ticket costs Rs 7 and that lady’s ticket costs Rs 3. You have already taken Re 1 from her and you owe me Re1. Do you mind giving me the exact change now?” Loved the reaction on his face and on the lady’s :D
That’all from me! Finally now… Feeling –  Satisfied about writing this post !

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