The Yellow Moonjis

19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman :-)

From: Scott E Fahlman
I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers: : -)Read it sideways.
Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use :

*curtain raises* *claps* Ladies and Gentlemen… Introducing the most important conversation fillers of the future…SMILEYS :) :) *fireworks* *drumroll*
Thus came the Yellow Moonjis (tamil word meaning faces) and also got its cousins red, pink, black, green moonjis to sit in the chat windows ;)
Initially, say two years back we used to have just :) , :( and a very few others. People hardly used it and found it kiddish.With instant messengers like watsapp, hike entering the ‘virtual era’ , the variety of smileys multiplied.  Two years back when you send a reply ‘Fine‘, you wouldn’t have expected your friend to text back asking ‘what’s wrong?’. When you are actually fine, people expect you to reply ‘ Fine :) ‘
Hello Everybody :) :) :)
Hello Everybody!
The difference is obvious. The first hello gives you a feel (I assume) that am smiling broad while greeting. But the second ‘hello’ seems formal with a straight face. The three little yellow moonjis can make a whole lot of difference in the sentence. Off-late these smileys have become an integral part of the conversation.
These smilies can come handy as conversation fillers. If am at loss of words and don’t have anything to reply, smiley comes as my Aabath pandava (saviour during crisis) . I happily send a smiley. Done! I have replied, at the same time I haven’t replied (in the true sense). My friend happy, am happy… Both smile(for different reasons) seeing the smiley :)
Smileys depict our mood to the reader. They can get the actual modulation of what we are trying to say. For example, if my friend is late and we end up waiting for her we send her a message “Where are you?” She replies saying “On the way“. When I send “Where are you?” :mad: :mad: :mad: She replies ” Coming Coming… Sorry yaar… struck in the traffic :( :(Will be there in 15 min :( ” Our emotions are easily conveyed through these emoticons. It brings life to the otherwise ‘just’ sentences.
These Yellow (now available in different colours in selected Apps :P ) Moonjis can actually save you from situations that could have turned sour. In a fit of anger I send a text,
You are such a dumb idiot“.
After I press send I repent sending, it… Tadaaa! Idea *replace bulb above my head while reading*
Insert smiley-> *tongue out* -> send.
Message was conveyed plus it didn’t hurt as I sent a :P denoting lighter sense. Same happens when somebody forwards a dumb joke and still we’ll have to pretend to be courteous.. Reply : Lol :D
Indeed an Aabath Pandava :D
Initially, these smileys were considered a girl thing and it’s too girly girly to uses these Yellow Moonjis. May be as guys don’t express much :roll: Atleast I had that thought till I found my cousin, my friends (guys) use smileys even when they converse with a guy. The chat window had smileys and I had :lol: yellow moonji pop up from my head when I saw that. Now it’s not a girl thing ;)
At times I become too lazy to type long sentences. What do I do? Go to insert smileys , choose the apt one and send it. Over!
Friend: What are you doing?
Me: *yellow moonji with headchords* (implying listening to music)
Friend: *thumbsup*
Friend: *rain*
Me: *lightning* *rain* (implies heavy rain)
Friend: *Hot food* (implies bhajji) and *coffee* *super*
Me: ++ *music*
Friend: *angel* (implying ‘Feels like heaven’- #PJ Alert: I send out an overcoat smiley for this instead… Raymond… Ok Ok… No tomatoes please )
In the above case,actual conversation is happening with minimal words. The other day when I was having one such conversations, my sarcastic brain pulled out the image from the history book and showed it to me :evil: It was the image of the caves of early age where conversation happened only through drawings :roll: Are we getting back to that ? :roll:
These can sometimes turn into a blooper. There was a sentence that my friend typed that had words like 402(g) and 401(k). On pressing the send button, it turned out like this 402 *gifts* and 401 *redlips*. There was complete silence from both the ends. She again sent the sentence without the brackets and got a reply. In a formal environment at times such replacement make you go :oops: but with friends it becomes another incident to tease about :P
All said and done, I love these cute yellow moonjis :) :P ;) :roll: :mad: :oops: :shock: on my chat windows.

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