Annoying advertisements

Few months ago I had blogged about advertisements that make us smile and the ads that have borrowed a little space in our list of sweet memories. Link here.
I love watching advertisements and I always end up humming the bgm if the tune is catchy and so does my phone ;) Being such an avid ad lover, certain ads take on my nerves and I end up changing the channels.
Men’s deodorant ads top the list.  When they demonstrate that a mere spray can make girls go crazy and act weird, the chauvinist in me feels like punching the TV screen and sending a note to that ad maker, ‘Girls are not that cheap… FYI’. These ads make me frown and search for the remote. But there is one recent male deo ad that actually made me smile. Old spice deo where he ends with a surprise asking “Did you know that am riding the horse backwards?”. Its a male deo ad with a difference. It doesn’t show girls drooling over the guy in the ad but still drives home the point that the guy using this deo could definitely be different from the rest. Hopefully, this should be a trend setter and the other ads should follow suit featuring a different marketing strategy.
Next comes the fairness cream advertisements. The girl with a dusky complexion is portrayed as a laughing stock and with a low confidence level. She needs a counselor to make her feel confident and not a the dabba of fairness cream. The teenagers especially at the helm of adolescence get into a wrong notion that dusky skin is something to be ashamed off. There was this ad a while ago where the groom comes to the bride-seeing ceremony and the guy blatantly rejects the girl saying she is not fair. Instead of bashing the guy, the girl is advised to use that fairness cream. The same guy sees the girl on the road and falls for her. Isn’t it ridiculous? :mad:
The soft drinks ad are equally unrealistic. The aerated drinks portray a guy jumping from a peak, diving into a ocean, chasing the goons immediately after drinking the product. What does the ad infer? :roll: The drink tastes so bad that falling from a peak is better or it does the same that can of spinach does to Popeye… I don’t get it!
The airtel 1 Rupee video ad. It isn’t irritating but on the other hand it makes you raise an eyebrow when the cab driver shows the video for the Re 1 that he has to pay. First of all, none of us will make such a big scene over Re 1 and secondly, a video taking the place of money..Isn’t it dumb? Will the bus conductor give me a ticket if I show him 3 videos instead of Rs 3 ? I know its a PJ but still that’s what comes to my mind whenever I watch this ad.
Few of the regional advertisements aren’t far behind. The recent  “Divya-ku sure ah kadaikuma?” campaign tested my patience rather than creating curiosity. The ad has many people asking this question which will irritate us to the core.The tweets and FB wall posts told me that I was not alone. It was an ad for ‘Daal’ offering prizes to the buyers.
The next is a hair oil ad where the kids boasts of recommending the product to their parents/teachers as they notice the latter suffering from hairfall. Kids have umpteen better things to do rather than noticing hair fall. In fact childhood is the only period when looks, food, nothing matters to us apart from playing, playing and playing. It’s irritating to find the kids sitting and discussing hair problems.
Though there are many good ads, these ads are a bit depressing and make me frown. Ad makers… All that we say is we love watching advertisements. So please make sensible, creative ads that make us say Wooooow instead of Ewwwww ;)

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