Earth Version 1.1

I was surrounded by smoke… Rather smog… I never knew chennai could have such a dense fog… Or have smokers in chennai gone into a smoking spree? I thought to myself looking around at the suddenly different chennai where my visibility was zero… I found a person walking towards my direction… It was a guy… errr… a handsome guy :P Tall… definitely 6’3…well sculpted physique.. White tee shirt, blue jeans , a black leather jacket that hung casually around his shoulder…He was simple but majestic ;) I spoke to myself (but pretty loudly) “Am I in some Bollywood movie set?”… The dashing guy flashed his dimples with a smile and said “No dear… You are in heaven…  And am God”. I was dumbstruck…Is anybody fooling me? Is it really heaven? If so, am I dead? But how? Definitely its not God… I have seen God in photos and movies… This guy looks like a super model…So many such thoughts ran through my mind. The guy who claimed to be God replied… Whoa! Hold on Hold on… Don’t think so fast… Am finding it difficult to read your mind… I am God… The people who were created by me can be fashion conscious but not the creator is it? Unfair yaar ;) Secondly, you are not dead.. I have just brought you here with a visiting visa… My secret agents told me that you bug people around with silly and crazy thoughts… I found that you are the perfect person to assist me in this task… As you know we are reaching the expiry date of Earth, 12/21/2012…so am planning to redesign all the default settings… The new design should be funky and cool… What say… Are you in?” I nodded still perplexed about what’s happening around me..
He took my hand and led me through the smogy clouds…Now we reached a place which looked more like the space lab in MIB movie… As soon as we entered, He tapped the floor with his shoe and a door opened… Seeing the amazement in my face, he answered “Its nothing much , its a frequency lock… The noise produced by tap of the shoe is recorded and the lock opens only if the frequency matches… Come, I’ll take you to the control room.” I just followed Him like a remote controlled car and we reached an open space…It was the best view of entire space…“You have always wanted to visit space right? Once we are done with our work, I’ll take you around personally…My word” :) My joy knew no bounds, I was now slightly out of the initial shock and went on to say “Then lets start the design immediately na” He gave a charming laugh again and drew some pattern with his finger which got a huge screen in front of us with the image of earth… He pressed ctrl+c & ctrl+v and touched the ‘redesign’ button.. We were now having a duplicate copy of earth in front of us. He cleared his throat to get my attention and asked “So where do we start?”
“Hey first lets not have that 3/4th water and 1/4th land concept yaar… The 3/4 th water is mostly of no use… we’ll have 1/4th land, 1/2 portable drinking water and 1/4 th ocean water…. This half of portable water includes glaciers, rivers and rain water.” He interrupted me saying, “Marine life will be heavily affected if I change proportion !” “Hey chill, include some special features for the marine animals that can make it survive anywhere and everywhere.” I saw Him title the new Earth as Earth v1.1 (upgraded) and his fingers made the proportions that I told and with his index finger and thumb, He zoomed the 1/4th land portion…I now became confident and started adding “Lets make it very colourful… The trees shouldn’t be only shades of green… It could be purple, red, blue, pink and of all possible shades… Colourless water… No… Change it to blue. Sky is fine but I need 2 more moons… All the other planets have more moons… We have only one… This is cheating” He smiled and handed me a bar of cadbury’s silk “Btw…Can we have a tree called chocolate tree… Please Please Please” He grinned, “I expected it..Okay.. we will but its gonna be few… so you should protect it…Now tell me about the living creatures” I was now more than happy “All creatures should be small… It should never grow up… lion cubs, small monkeys, small cute dinos and all existing creatures but smaller version… This time make the humans mute and let other creatures speak.” “Hey you are a human too… why do you want it like that?” “We have spoken a lot and now whatever we talk puts us in unnecessary trouble… we have shouted slogans, given long speeches, made false promises… words which led to setting up of industries that caused pollution, words that made countries bomb against each other… Enough yaar… Lets not talk this time.” I could see he was happy with my explanation… I added “Lets have some instrumental song playing in the air continuously throughout the world… It would try making the atmosphere peaceful”. He jotted down all the points and said “You were indeed very helpful… Now letme drop you before your visa expires”.
I got up the next morning, saw the date… 20th Dec.. Wow what a nice dream… I took my mobile and found 2 new messages from 1 contact in wassup…
“Hope you reached safely… Thanks for your inputs and valuable time… It was fun designing with you… Awaiting the launch of our Earth v1.1 on 22nd Dec 2012.”
Next message:
You are invited to attend the launching ceremony of E v1.1 and a space tour with ME. Please treat this as my personal invitation and make your presence felt. Awaiting your confirmation.
Lots of love,
P.S. That’s my personal number… Make a note ;)

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