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Life in the Dark is fun :)

I was wondering what do I do when there is no power and the entire locality in immersed in darkness…
:arrow: We can play shadow game… Make different animals to appear live on the walls of the living room. Perfect sounds would add on to the effect :mrgreen:
:arrow: We can sit around the candle and narrate ghost stories… Its a perfect timing… Dim light , pin drop silence, low eerie tone can make it really a horror one for the one listening ;)
:arrow: Have you ever seen your face in dim light? Perfect chance… Grab a torch or cell phone … Preferably a torch would be comfortable… Stand before a mirror and see your face. Give different expressions … Even telling out villainous dialogue from movie wd be a nice idea ;)
:arrow: Candlelight dinner… A perfect opportunity for a candlelight dinner… Arrange candles on the dining table… Sit around and eat! It will surely be one of the most memorable moments :)
Here are few things that I used to do when I was a kid (and some even now ;) )
:arrow: If there is a power shut down… my friends and me used to be very happy… We can close the books and go on to play… There will be a loud “YAE” symbolising our happiness which would be heard even to people residing in next street… So hide and seek was the game that we used to play most of the time. It will be very difficult to locate the person in the dark.
:arrow: If there is an FM/radio (battery aided)  that is played in the house… I used to increase the volume and run away… Its difficult to identify who did it ;)
:arrow: During the days when cell phones were not prevelent, my neighbour and me found a new way of communication. We do this when there is a power cut as it would be easy when there is no surrounding noise…. Its called window-chat… Nothing much… I used to shout from my window and finish my sentence with an “over”… My neighbour used to reply in the same manner through their window… One drawback of window-chat is that the chat will be heard not only to the 2 of us but to the entire locality :mrgreen:
:arrow: During the time of my birthday, there would be plenty of chocolates and pastries in my home… At that time one-chocolate-per-day rule would be implemented. Power cut was a blessing in disguise for me. While playing, I used to stealthily walk into the kitchen, locate the chocolates… Put few in my mouth and two handful in my pockets and stealthily rush out ;) (I’ll be caught the next day… That’s a different story :P )

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