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I am an Artist too

How do you feel when you are the only Indian among a group of Chinese…. And you don’t know the language….. Yes! You feel Lost :roll: Same was the feel when friends around me started sketching and posting their works in CAG while I kept gazing as to whats going on :roll:
They sketched beautifully and would discuss among them the enhancements that could be done… I would simply keep looking quietly (Yes, quietly) like the kid who just flips the newspapers to see photos without knowing the content :roll:
I didn’t know why but somehow I made up my mind that drawing is not my cup of tea… Though I was a Biology student in schooling and had sketched many cockroaches , intestines, etc ;) Still… I felt “May be I can’t draw anymore” :roll:
But somehow I hated this “I can’t draw” notion in my mind. All of a sudden, yesterday, I took a sheet and decided “Am gonna Draw… Let me try…”.
I took a simple pic and started… I took a pencil (the pencil that was lying untouched in my cupboard), I unearthed an eraser and a sharpner from a bag that I didn’t touch after my schooling :P My dad and mom gave me weird looks when they saw me collecting and searching things like in a Treasure hunt ;) Atlast, I announced ‘Artist at work… Don’t disturb’. The maid at my house dutifully cleaned my table and helped me set the things (an A4 paper, pencil, eraser and sharpner ) ;)
After an hour of busy sketching….


:arrow: Click on the image for a larger view

Meet ‘SQUEEKY’ … The squirrel that was born out of my creation ;) SQUEEKY is a naughty squirrel who has this mischievous look after getting his nut from somewhere :D
No No… Am not gonna bombard CAG with my arts… Wonders happen just once ;) :P
I just tried sketching to prove myself that, when tried, anything is possible and I shouldn’t decide that I can’t without trying :)
And yeah, most important…. Yipppeeeee! Am an artist too :D :D

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