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How tough it is to be a Politician

Well, this post is all about “self damage” I would say :roll: It involves various funny incidents and bloopers that happened on friday.
Background“Color Paper Contest” was announced by the Inst People Focus group about a month back and the best part was… it had no rules. It was told that we can write anything that comes to our mind and the one who thinks out of the circle would be the winner. The writer in me got overwhelmed and immediately got down to work and dutifully mailed the same, well in advance(2 days) before the last day.
So, after a series of mailers saying judges are choosing the top 10 entries which kept me glued to the mail box, the result was out on Thursday evening. My entry appeared in the top 10 entries and the biggest clause was added at the bottom of the mail. It said Vote for the ones you feel as interesting by clicking the “Like” button. Based on the number of “Likes” the top 3 winners will be chosen.
This made me tell OMG! This is very difficult. So, the very same day I shared it with my friend who was anticipating the results for this competition more eagerly than me (No, she didn’t participate…. Friendship yaar ;) ) She told me “We’ll ask everybody to like it (Like a typical goody-goody friend) “… Just like an actor who has been nominated for Filmfare, I replied “Its great to be one among top 10… So can’t ask for more ;) ” Though, deep down , I was wondering “how do I make people like it?”.
So next day, I drafted a mail which was revised numerous times before I clicked the “send” button
One of the finalised Drafts:
I participated in the “Color Paper Contest” conducted by the InsT People focus group and my entry  has made it to the top 10.  Getting to the top 3 is based on the “Likes”. Am happy to have made it to the top 10 and thought of sharing this news with you all.
PFB the link to my entry
When I re read it , I first felt like a reality star “Please vote for me…Type ABC 05 to 12345 and get me to the finals”. Then when I again read it, I now felt like a politician “Vote for “@” symbol… Don’t forget “@” symbol “@” symbol “@” symbol”.
So I finally revised the mail again
I participated in the “Color Paper Contest” conducted by the InsT People focus group. Am happy to share with you all that my entry,“The undeterred kid” has made it to the top 10.
PFA the mail that has the links to all the top 10 entries.
Now when I read, it didn’t sound as if am desperate about getting “Likes” and it was a bit less of “polictician” or “reality star” kind. I felt it was a smart move to have attached the mail that had all the 10 entries and it had the rule about “voting system” in block letters and I was sure nobody will miss it ;)
I pressed the “send” button.
Within minutes, my mailbox started overflowing with appreciation mails. Responding to so many mails, made me sit up in joy and within two hours I checked my entry and was expecting atleast 20 likes. That’s when my jaw dropped open… yes, seeing the number of likes. It wasn’t 20, it was’t more than 20 too… On the contrary it was just “+3″… The “+3″ zoomed and spinned towards me from all directions (my brain’s camera effects to show the shock :P ) So the people had clearly missed out the “Vote clause” at the bottom.
That’s when one of my friend mailed me telling “Awesome Aishu :) It was too good a read… Am sure U’ll be first”. That made me furious and reply back “I wish the voting clause will be changed from “number of Likes” to “Number of appreciation mails”… Then I’d surely be the winner ;) ” Another mail popped from her “Ohhh !I didn’t know we have to like it.. “Like”-ed it now and asked my friends to do the same :) ” I was happy that  sarcasm works always ;)Sent a “Thank you” mailer and a diplomatic “Hope you just didn’t “like” it cos am your friend but cos u really liked the entry ;) ” (Though I know the truth ;) ). I eagerly refreshed the browser (I had kept my entry link open from the morning ) and found “+3″ has stuck to my post. I refreshed again and again, this time +3 remained “undeterred” rather than the kid ;)
I pinged her asking, “hey where did you “like” ?” She “The link that you mailed… :?  ” Me “It had 10 entries… Which did you like?” She “10 entries? I didn’t notice that… I liked the first one :? ” Me ” ?????? Mine is “The undeterred kid”…. ” The mail that she sent I’ve asked my friends also to do the same flickered in front of my eyes.  I wondered how many friends, friends-of-friends would have done the same.
To avoid this confusion, I sent out another mail
I guess there was some difficulty in locating my entry from the 10… So here goes the direct link to my  entry,“The undeterred kid”
I thought this would be a bit more effective . Another blooper….She immediately pinged “Hey there is no “Like” button in your entry.” I checked it immediately and found yes, the “Like” button had become invisible and +3 beamed at me. Had I been a politician, I would have comfortably announced “Its the other party’s game to ruin us. Its not gonna affect us. Come what may we’ll fight to do good to you people” and garnered few sympathy votes. Alas! Am no politician. Jus an “IT professional”… so termed it a “technical glitch” :roll: I found that button was missing, but the functionality was available. So explained to her “Hey a small line will be present near +3… Click on that… +3 will become +4… Ur Like will be added :) Hey leave yaar… No issues… I just want you people to read it… Np if u couldn’t “like” there. (I added this line after I explained her the process ;) ) She responded as expected :evil: “No probs yaar… Don’t be formal…This time “Like-d” it correctly”. I refreshed the browser and it showed +4 . I smiled :)
My another “good” friend pinged “Hey got ur mail… Treat????” :roll: Me: “Did you read the post first?” “I read it”… Me: “Read it and….?” Friend “And what??????” Me: “Did you read the mails properly???? ” My friend took 3 minutes to answer, so thought she was busy reading them again “Oh “I am supposed to Like it… Fine will do it :) ” I added my usual dialogue “Hey Like it if you really do like it… Else no need ;) ” She: “So what will I get if I like?” I was clean bowled now. I cursed the politicians for habituating the freebies for vote concept. “Well, If I come in top 3, I’ll think abt the treat… Else no “…. She: “Ok Ok… “Like-d”
Now Once bitten, twice shy… I didn’t wanna get disappointed once more. I asked “Where did you like?” She: “The link that you sent ” Me: “Tell me the entry you liked…” She : “The Undeterred kid” Me:  “There’s no “Like” button, then how? :sarcastic smiley: ”  She “Hey I clicked on that space near +4… And it became +5… If you ask more questions I’ll find a button to unlike it ” Me “Lol :D Thanks yaar… Just wanted to be sure ;) ” And I found that +4 become +5.
When I was checking other 9 entries, I found each had double digit “Likes”… and mine just “+5″… Some how reading my thoughts, my friend near me asked “Is there a possibility for the same person to “Like” again and again?” like a real friend depicted in Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai ad ;) She also asked “When is the last date to “Like” it?” Me: “I don’t know… No last day is given… So I guess it can be “Like-d” till another mail appears for the same… Anyways am not planning to check it any more… Am happy with top 10″ (This time it was real ) :)
Uffff… At the end of the day, I realised how difficult it will be if I had become a polictician. Getting votes (only single digit) once, made me completely drain out. No wonder they implement new ways with every election to make people vote. I realised its very very tough :roll:

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