affection, bus, contest, humour

Heights of Affection

As soon as I got into the bus,I realised, there is no seat and as usual , I cursed my luck and stood near a seat…. After about 20 minutes travel, the Mother Teresa in the lady who was sitting in the seat next to me began to show out… She enquired about my destination and when she realised its far, she moved (tried moving) and asked me to adjust… She was mother Teresa in the form (size) of Adnam Sami… So there was hardly any place for me and her daughter, sitting near, was also getting crushed… I politely (had to) refused her offer :roll: The Mother Teresa in her intensified, she got up and forced me to take her seat… Though, I said no (courtesy sake), I took her seat. After that for every stop I used to do an action of getting up and she used to press my shoulders, gesturing me to sit.
I realised next was my stop and got up, but as usual, she pressed my shoulders making me sit :? She pressed my shoulders harder with her weight :roll:  
Ufffff… when I finally explained and got out of her grasp, I had missed my stop :roll:

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