The Sailor who Sails in our Memories

Well its been a while since I posted… So thought of blogging today!  While I was wondering what to blog today…. I came across this pic…

Do you remember him? Popeye , the sailor Man! He was (is) my super hero… I used to sit glued to the television… I remember 8.30 pm was when popeye was telecasted in Cartoon Network. I used to sit waiting for it right from 5 pm. Since I didn’t know to check the time by myself( I guess I was in KG),  I used to ask my mom every now and then whether it is 8.30… Till she gets irritated and scolds me! :lol:
“Popeye, the sailor man… Am popeye the sailor man! Am strong to the finich, cause I eat my spinach… I’m Popeye , the Sailor Man! Poo Poo..” would get me running to the TV wherever I am! The amount I liked Popeye was directly proportional to the amount I disliked Brutus ;) If somebody had asked me that time… “whom do you hate the most?” My answer would have been Brutus without a doubt!
My friends and me literally grew up with Popeye! We used to jump when Popeye smashed Brutus and felt very sad when Popeye was hit. The best moment is when Popeye says “That’s all I can stand… And I can stand no more” and opens his Spinach can with the BGM complimenting it. Still a smile appears on my face thinking about it!
In fact, it was just because of Popeye I started eating Spinach! I used to ask my mom to make spinach every day. One day, after a Popeye special marathon, in full josh, I entered the kitchen and took a handful of spinach (uncooked and just cut)… started munching it ( singing the BGM on my own), I became Popeye in my own world and was checking out my arm muscles that might appear any moment in different shapes(Popeye gets it everytime he eats, right…So logically I too should get ;) ) Just den PHATT, I turned back after having another mouthful and shouting “You dirty Brutus!”… One more hard hit and I spat the spinach out… My mom was standing, ready to thrash me for eating the spinach raw! I was completely confused at that time, why is a reverse effect happening? I ate spinach and my mom got power? :? I declared that its a duplicate spinach :roll:
While watching movies, I really used to wonder at the stupidity of the heroes for not carrying a spinach dabba handy. So that whenever villain hits, heroes can eat that and punch the villains! :P
Though there were many other cartoons that were famous at that time like Scooby Doo, Tom and jerry, Johnny Bravo etc… Popeye was very special :) Each and every character was so beautifully sketched and the voice dubbed was so very appropriate. Like Olive shouting “Poopeyye…” in her skreetchy tone, Brutus’s hefty look and Popeye’s pipe that stays in his mouth even while fighting, Popeye’s 4 little nephews and his friend who keeps eating a ham burger :)
Even the little detailing stays fresh in my mind… Such is the impact :) I really wish they start retelecating Popeye with a new enhanced concepts ( version 1.1 :P ), so that Popeye and his spinach don’t disappear from our memories!

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