The Warrior Prince

My joy knew no bounds to see India’s best captain walk out and stand for the toss….. Yes! its none other than Sourav Ganguly !!! First of all, let me first say… it was my childhood dream to write about Sourav Ganguly when I grow up…. Today am all smiles while fulfilling it as a blogger :)  I really don’t know what made me become a Dada fan… I was in 2nd class and there was a match going on…. Sourav and Sachin were opening! My dad was watching it… I immediately started asking questions to my dad about the game and the first shot I observed was hit by Sourav… Six on the off-side :) From that day onwards, there was no looking back… I started following his game and his approach :) I still remember this incident…. My friend had a doting elder brother, so she used to always irritate me as I didn’t have one! One fine day, when she teased me telling “My brother got a new bat and thought me to play with it too” I got very pissed off and told “ Your brother knows to just hold the bat… My brother plays for Indian team ” :)
 Thus, as time went by, I started observing the game more closely…. When Sourav took over as a captain in 2000, when Indian team was in a very bad shape, my joy knew no bounds.During 2003 world cup, I was in my 8th class… We used to write slogans and wishes everyday morning on the day of match… The entire class(including my class teacher ) became Sourav’s fans (Thanks to me ;) ).
Since am watching him from my childhood, I imbibed many characters of his. I always admire his skills as a leader and the way he manages his resources. No matter what the others tell and felt, he’ll stick to his decisons. He always takes the blame when the team loses but gives the entire credit to his team if they win! I learnt that, a leader should be like this… ready to take responsibilities :)
I guess Gangulians are the ones who face heights of critisicm! Always… whenever there is a match, I’ll be surrounded by anti-gangulians who bombard me with their comments. At first, it used to affect me a lot! But when I read in a book that, as you scale higher, the number of critics also grow. So after that, everytime I find a person criticising, I used to smile to myself :) But, I really learnt to deal with criticisms more gracefully… It helps me a lot even in day to day life :)  
 His will power to bounce back and emerge as a phoenix , has made me look up in awe. Being such an experienced player, he was dropped from the team and in fact was made the 12th man to carry drinks for a match. He never gave up! Started playing and practising from scratch…right from Ranji Trophy, he started all over again. Many asked me, what is the need for all this? I always replied…Why shouldn’t he? Sourav once again proved it… He bounced back and retired with dignity. Similarly, even IPL saw the same phase… But am sure Sourav is proving and will prove by leading Pune Warriors from the front :)  
I found a tweet very appropriate “Once a Gangulian, forever a Gangulian”. I found it very true :)
My most memorable day is the day when I met Dada and got his autograph in 2003, when he had come to Chennai :) Of course, this is by far my favourite post :)

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