ebb, red, sunset, tide, waves, web

My Very First Poem

Warning: Weak hearted people, pregnant women and professional poets are requested to stay away from this post :lol:
I have always had this secret wish of writing a poem, someday or the other! So, thought, will give it a try now… The poets here, please forgive me :P
If you are still brave enough to read this post… Here we go…
Sunset from the sea shore
Sitting on the sands,
And feeling the winds,
I see the sea,
Going red with glee!
Waves, they are,
Waving to me from afar!
They sing, dance and roar,
Making us want them even more!
They touch my toes,
Surrendering like foes!
I watch them shimmer,
Under the beautiful light of summer!
Sunset at the sea shore
The red giant dissolves in the tide,
Leaving behind its colour with pride!
They rush to me from far and wide,
Blushing like a to-be bride!
They continuously flow and ebb,
Like a spider spinning its web!
And yes, Waves they are,
Waving to me from afar!

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