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If Facebook was born in India- II

First of all, thank you for the numerous suggestions and feedback that you gave for If Facebook was born in India .. Trust me I really didn’t want to write a sequel to any of my posts…Since, my friends felt many more things should be added to our very own “Your Neighbour” social network, so I had to write this Part 2 post :)
We are already done with customizing Like button, Share button, Wall, comments, poke …Added new buttons like treat, dub in native language etc…
I was asked about the step-motherly treatment towards ‘friend request’ section… ;) :lol: So we’ll start off with this section first now! We always don’t request anybody to be ‘friends’ with us… We Indians are very straight-forward people… Right from our kindergarten, we don’t say ” Can we be friends?”… Indians put it this way ” Hey I wanna be friends with you… You agree or not?” We always expect an yes or no answer immediately. So we change friend request to “Be my friend” This “Be my friend” section should have 2 buttons… Deal and No Deal ;) If the user clicks on Deal, he accepts to be his friend and will be immediately redirected to our Treat? section as a token of friendship ;) Very much Indian right ? :P So, now what happens if he clicks on No Deal? Nothing much… he’s rejecting his friendship and a better luck next time message will be sent to the sender (if at all he plans to be his friend still ;) ) If no button is clicked, the “Be my friend” notification will be shelved in an area called loft ;) In India, we always store things that are not useful right now but may be useful sometime in the future (Future thinking you see ;) ) in a place called loft ;) So this area called “loft” will contain all these unanswered notifications for future reply ;)
Next is application that tells us about the auspicious days and time… This application will be activated by default… This would be very useful for uncles and aunties who do everything based on the auspicious days and time. They needn’t rush to find a calendar to get all these information you see! Our team of astrologers will take care of this section and the daily prediction section ;)
India is a country that is difficult to predict… Today everything will be fine, but tomorrow a strike will be announced! So in order to deal with this, we’ll have spy working in all government sectors. If there is a probability of a strike they’ll alert us before hand and our app “Probability of holiday” will be enabled. This will give us the probable date of strike, so that we can plan our holiday well in advance ;) May be in future we’ll try and make thesestrikes and bandhs fall on friday and monday… so that we can get a long weekend ;)
Now a days, we have become all health conscious, all of a sudden :) so we’ll have a section that throws light about the simple exercises, yoga with photos of the postures ;) , healthy diets and also do’s and dont’s for a common disease…We’ll have to rope in doctors for this :P So if any of you have doctor friends… applications are welcome ;)
During any crucial cricket match (only crucial…as we keep playing matches almost everyday :P ), we’ll have to customize the entire look of “your Neighbour” showing our support to Indian team (no matter how we play :P ) Just like how the advertisements and products make us eat blue, think blue, bleed blue etc… “Your Neighbour” should also cash in at this time!
The front page of FB says “Its Free and always will be”… This should be modified in our Indian edition as “its FREE FREE FREE” This is more than enough to attract our Indian crowd ;) As we have an affinity towards “free” and “discounts”… We should also give away coupons (even if its silly..its ok ;) ) very often to attract and retain the crowd! Marketing technique you see :P
Notifications should be modified as “Flash news” and the flash news should be a catchy one-liner…Clicking on that, you should get the entire news, as we are used to reading news that way :evil: For eg: Flash news: “A new friendship blooms in Your neighbour” This will make us curious and definitely will make Indians click this… At that time we’ll have to let the cat out of the bag “New friendship- XYZ is now friends with ABC” :evil: This is a technique that is sure to work here :)
Okay, that’s all from me :) No more part 3s and 4s… Errrrr…as an Indian…what to do… am no different … Have an habit of freezing at an interesting scene and continuing it as the next episode ;) And of course promises are meant to be broken right..? ;) :lol:

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