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The Great Indian Filter ‘kaapi’

Long long a ago, so long ago, nobody knows how long ago, a brown traveller who originated in Yemen, travelled far and wide and finally reached India in the late 1600’s…Yes, our very own Mr. Bean! No, we are not talking about Rowan Atkison(our pogo Mr. Bean), its the original bean, the Coffee Bean (lets name him CBean) 😉
So after reaching India, our hero, Cbean, instructed his followers, ABean and RBean (Arabica and Robusta) to invade every house and mesmerize them! As per their leader’s order they entered every Indian kitchen and so coffee got ‘desi’fied and became filter ‘Kaapi’ in India 😛
Since time immemorial, Kousalya Supraja Rama Purva Sandya pravarthate and Filter ‘kaapi’ became part and parcel of the daily morning routine (Oops! I forgot the newspaper 😉 )
Serving this Great Indian filter ‘Kaapi’ is also an art that requires expertise 😉 Coffee is typically served after pouring back and forth between the dabarah (a wide metal saucer with lipped walls) and the tumbler(the matching cup for this saucer) in huge arc-like motions of the hand. This serves several purposes: mixing the ingredients (including sugar) thoroughly; cooling the hot coffee down to a sipping temperature… (Phew! made it sound like a weird science experiment…is it? ).The temperature, the foam on top and the aroma, everything should be perfect in order for it to qualify as the perfect ‘filter’ kaapi.
Drinking also needs an expert’s guidance(that’s mine 😉 )…I’ll impart this gyan to you later 😉
I came across this term ‘degree’ coffee many a time… In a quest to seek the eternal knowledge I queried my mom (the ‘kitchen’ guru 😉 ) its meaning. This was the answer I got “When coffee is decocted for the first time, it is called as the first degree or simply as the “Degree Coffee”. This has the strongest flavour and the necessary strength to mix with milk without watering down the taste. When coffee was decocted for a second or third time from the same initial load; this became the second degree coffee and naturally, is not as strong.”
Now back to our CBean story… After ruling India for hundreds and hundreds of years… all of a sudden many rivals started competing… health drinks, soft drinks, health/soft drinks… what not! Thank God our CBean had got desi-fied long ago… he now was a typical Indian hero…so 1 hero fighting with so many villains became easy now(we’ll have an Indianised 007 BGM here for this fight 😉 ) He started fighting with all the villains by introducing many weapons like Cappuccino, esspreso, cold coffee, black coffee,instant coffee etc..Dishoom Dishoom :evil:..All lost the battle and our hero continued his rule! His kingdom lived happily ever after 😉
Right from Koffee with Karan to Surya-Jyothika’s Sunrise coffee ad, all leading celebrities use our CBean charisma to attract our Indian audience…I am no different…Am sure..Now you must have understood why my theme and header image is CBeans 😉 Popularizing my blog you see 😉 

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