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Ssshhh….Silence…Board exams are Approaching

Whats making news these days? People who read newspaper that makes ‘sense’ will answer “Long scheduled power-cuts, UP elections…” Readers of ‘sensation’-al newspaper- ” Genelia- Rithesh marriage, Chennai Rhinos-Karnataka Bulldozer’s feud ” Well… Both of you are wrong ( Planning to make this as an ad to get an end to the ad- war;) ) Anyways… The talk of the nation…Right now…How to Crack the Board Exam?

The best way to get many readers to your blog is by giving your post titles “How to Crack Board Exam without any Preparation”, “Tips to become a topper this board exam”… Trust me your blog will get 1000s and 1000s of views.So why are we so obsessed with board exams?
When a kid is appearing for board exam that current year, a gloomy,tensed atmosphere sets in the entire house…As if the child is going to fight at the Indian border! TV cut, games cut, outings cut, computer cut,even talking cut…the entire house talks in whispers! The worst part is if the kid has a younger brother or sister. That kid (even if he’s in primary classes)will be moulded (threatened) about board exams from that very moment.
When the exams are just a month away,like now,…media starts cashing in…The kid who’ll be studying in a closed room, made sound proof(literally locked away from the entire world) will be suddenly called outside by   his parents…as they would have noticed a programme in TV “Expert’s guidance on Cracking the board exam”…The expert will keep replying to all the queries “Stay calm” making the kid even more nervous. When there is an advertisement in between (the kid will be heaving a sigh of relief), the kid won’t be spared then too…. Magazines that boast of giving out 80% of questions that will appear in these exams as mock papers, health drinks that make your kid sharper, sharper and only sharper ( words like taller, stronger are not required now 😉 ), pens that make answers flow through them…so on!
Even Gods won’t be spared from this Board-exam fever… Every kid and every parent of these kids, appearing for board exams, will visit every possible temples(that people didn’t know even existed) offering high bribes to God and signing a deal with Him for passing their kid as a topper (wonder how God can make every kid, a topper…Uffff!) 
If the kid goes out of the house, for a peaceful stroll… right from auto-rikshaw walas to next door uncle, everybody will have suggestions for him-“Hey Board exams…Its your life! Do well”…Even the road-side flute-seller will stop his “Pardesi, Pardesi Jaana Nahi” tune to give his piece of advice 😉 The panic-stricken kid will rush back home to his books…
Does Board exams need such a big hype that the kids dread it as nightmares?Isn’t it just another exam?… It is only due to this unnecessary hype, the students get pressurized and are driven to extreme steps when they are not able to meet these expectations… 
Just start treating it as yet another exam and then look at the results… The students perform better under less pressure… Ahaan, now even am planning to name this post..”Tip to crack Board exams..At the end of this post”  😉

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