Aacharya Devo Bhava

“Goooood mooooorrrrrningggggg maaaaa’aaaam”,”Thaaaaank youuuuu maaaaa’aaam” 😆
Don’t give such looks… Am alright… Absolutely fine 🙂 I was reminded of my school days… Am sure everyone of us has done this sing-song morning wish in our school days. Doesn’t it bring a smile when you think about it? Even am smiling while writing this :)…(getting weird looks from people around 😉 )
Teachers have been a very important part of school as well as college memories.. Remember the advertisement of a jam.. A small boy asks his dad whether his teacher hasn’t taught him..”Sharing” !!! teachers influence the kids…especially in the early stages a lot… I still remember when I was in Kindergarten ,a teacher once gave the entire class, a form and instructed us, not to fold the form and bring it back, the next day signed by your parents… She mentioned the form should be as neat as it is now…. I had my form in my hand(didn’t put it in my bag as I didn’t want to fold) and safe-guarded it till I reached home… Next day I made a huge scene when my mom tried to fold the form and keep it in my bag.. I took the form back to my school…The teacher patted my back for having brought the form so neatly..That “good” from her made me smile the entire day 🙂
I was shifted to a different school during my 3rd class.. Everything was new to me… All looked at me  like I was an alien from different planet… But the teachers who handled my class comforted me, made my classmates talk to me,made me(new-comer) a class-rep and made me feel like its my place…the very first day! On the second day, we had drawing hour and were asked to sketch anything of our choice… I drew a scenery(yes.. the same mountains, sun between them, few birds in the sky, a hut and few trees 8) )The teacher showed my drawing to the entire class..That made me feel very proud and in fact I started to enjoy going to that school!
In my 7th class, I got a class teacher who also handled English… Till that day, I felt English was the easiest subject and never used to study much for it! She was one of the strictest teacher, I have ever met… We all used to sit terrorized when she enters the class… She is a person who expects perfection in everything… She gave me a different dimension… I started reading books, writing and started taking up English seriously. Many of you have appreciated the way I write… Credits go to her 🙂
In college, I had an excellent teacher for computer science! She was my friend, philosopher, guide…what not! She handled me for all the 4 years… Just like how my english ma’am molded my writing skills, it is my CSc ma’am who gave this idea of blogging.. She asked me…”Why don’t you start blogging?” That made me start blogging!
I wanted to mention many others..But may be I’ll do this Part 2.. 😆 This blog is an ode to all my teachers who made me the person, that I am today 🙂
Lol 😀 Don’t get puzzled… Its not Teachers’ day or Thanks giving day 😛 Just that, I read an article about a 9th class student stabbing his the newspaper that is known to create ‘ sensation’.. (But trust me, am not that dumb…I know who is the Vice president of India, I know where’s Tahrir square as well as Aishwarya Rai’s child is a girl 😉 ) 
Back to a serious note, I was shocked to see this news… A 15th year old boy with so much of vengeance? Will the movies or society take responsible for exposing the kid to such violent ideas? Has the teacher-student’s beautiful relationship changed within these few years? Am puzzled.. In order to live back the innocent days, I recollected the sweet memories of my teachers… And just took you too, with me ,in this travel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aacharya Devo Bhava”

  1. Wah Wah wah!!!!!! kya badth hai!!!! bahoth bahoth achi hai….. no words to explain about this blog,… Awesome one:-) 🙂 Too gud one Ash….. keep up ur work….


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