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Air…Water…Food…Shelter…Mobile phone?

Flash news: Scientists are planning to update the necessities of life list(air, water, food and shelter)… The new member that’s going to be added is Mobile phones 😆 😉
Yes, mobile phone has become a very essential part of our lives these days… Even the people who lack two basic necessities like food and shelter, have mobile phone 😉 Every inventor’s dream is that, their invention should reach common man! In that way, Martin Cooper (considered to be the inventor of first practically usable mobile phone) must be a very happy man 😀 His invention has reached beyond imagination 🙂

With the invention of mobile phones, communication has become much easier and better. For eg: When I was a kid, during the “unplanned leave”(IT professional you see 😉 ) of the servant maid, I would be promptly sent to her house(which would be close-by) to know her whereabouts. Now, during her absence, am spared… Thanks to Martin Cooper 😉 She’ll be directly contacted through her mobile number and also would be given an earful immediately 😉 But seriously speaking… Servant maids are very busy people these days… When my servant maid works, she’ll get umpteen number of calls(she also has a personalized ringtone)… she’ll keep giving continuous instructions, make next appointments at houses, what not!…Uffff… At that time, I’ll look at my phone longingly..I wouldn’t have got even a single text message from morning 😉

Communication has become considerably cheaper. With a simple text message, your communication can be made(but ensure that your message is conveyed within 200 sms, else u’ll have to call, owing to the TRAI rule 😉 ) I had an aunt who had this unique form of communication. If she has to call her driver to her house (he’ll be standing at the parking lot, in the basement)…She’ll give him a missed call! Immediately, the driver will give a missed call back as an acknowledgment… This missed call game will continue, till he reaches her home! In this case, communication is made without spending even a single paise! Technology has improved so much, you see 😉 lol:D

Smart phones have made us smart and the kids, smarter! I was completely spellbound when my nephew,who is just in playschool,quizzed me whether am using an android phone 🙂 Smart phones have made life easier for us but difficult for many industries… People have started opting for mobile phones which acts as a camera, music player…more like a mini computer, rather than a specialized device for each! So these industries are forced to innovate their marketing strategies to keep up with the competition!

On a serious note, there has been a huge rise in accidents. 80% of accidents are caused due to the distractions of driver. Mobile phones are major distractions while driving. Even after repeated instructions, people fail to follow them, resulting in accidents.

Use mobile phones wisely
And drive safely 🙂

Cool 🙂  dis makes a gud txt msg 4 me to fwd 2 my frnds 2day(sms language impact 😉 )


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