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It really feels great to blog today…I dedicated my entire day to restyle the look of my blog 🙂 I categorized my blogs into various pages, grouped them, ungrouped them,designed the header image…Uffff.. It was a lot of work! But I enjoyed doing it 😉

After I was done with it, I took a stroll down my street to a nearby shop. When I was about to step down from the shop, I found an old man(rag-picker) stumbling on the other-side , far-end of the road. Eventually, he fell down. I was shocked to find that everybody around, ignored him. Nobody even bothered to look at him. As I crossed the road and was making my way towards him, I found 4 guys returning from tuition in their bicycles. They immediately stopped their cycles, made the man sit and gave water from their bottles. By that time, I reached there and came to know that he hasn’t eaten anything from yesterday. There was a small hotel nearby where I got him something to eat and left the place. The boys continued to stay there when he was eating.

I was completely irritated by the way people around him acted. They branded him a ‘drunkard’ without even making an effort to go near him.The basic humanity that was present in these kids was lacking with others. What happens to this humanity when we grow up? Does our helping tendency pop out only when the person is well dressed and good looking?What makes us so selfish and self-centered? Points for us to ponder…

2 thoughts on “Humanity…!?!”

  1. Every one is busy with their routines and feared of alloting time to help the old man and if untoward incident occured they have face so many queries from other section such as police, hospital etc.
    But the young ones are brave and immediately attended the man.
    Bravo young bloods and happy that humanity exists.


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