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The Girl’s World !

I was reading Revolution 2020, I came across this “Girlese” (It is the term,the writer, Chetan Bagat uses to describe about the language of girls)…Why not write a blog on this?
The way of thinking of girls is completely different from that of boys. Being a girl, I completely agree with what’s given in the book…If a girl replies to a text message with “Fine”…Note: F caps… Then its actually not fine! There is something that is not going down well with us about it!
If we reply with “Hmmm” or “gud” etc…One word texts, then understand its time to change the topic! If the text is a long one with lots of smileys then infer it to be a happy mood…
Not only texting when it comes to many other activities like shopping, girls have their own way. We analyse each and every detail before spending on it…We ensure that we buy the best ( This makes the shopkeeper get irritated always)…After its bought, we expect people to notice it and ask about the product when we use it. If this happens…Shopping successful! Else mission failed…We’ll have second thoughts before going to that shop again πŸ˜› Girls always “pull” a door when its written “push”…Then change the direction by realizing the mistake (Most of the girls will smile while reading this).
Girls are superb at bargaining…Its an inbuilt talent! The person at the other end must be a person with strong heart…else he’ll die of heart attack ! There will be several rounds of bargaining and finally a compromise will be sought…where both will be the winners πŸ˜›
Girls keep their things very neat and clean! A girl’s room will always be clean…things in its place…bed neatly made…clothes folded or hanged neatly in the hanger…90% of the girls are perfectionists…Everything should be done as it is supposed to be…Any change will cause a strong reason to be upset! When a girl is upset, she is very quiet…She hardly talks unlike usual πŸ™‚
All said and done both, boys and girls are unique in their own ways… There are always these kind of differences between boys and girls in order to strike a balance in nature! Once you start respecting these differences…life will be much better!
Proud to be a girl πŸ™‚
PS: Exceptions are always there…These are just generic statements what I felt!Β 

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