auto, incident

Expect the Unexpected !

These days I have started getting addicted to my blog…I keep visiting my blog more than 20 times a day! I take care of it as if its my pet animal…changing the theme, look, adding widgets..etc etc! It has become my best friend these days…Whenever am happy or at all time low, its my blog that I feel like being with…
Anyways today I just thought of sharing an incident that happened few days before! My friend and me had gone out shopping and while returning we took an auto! We started chatting and somehow the topic  of best universities in bio-tech came up…At that time the automan(who had been a silent listener till then)invited himself into the convo…He gave us a list of many universities around the world with a complete information about its facilities! My friend and me were completely dumb-struck!
We never expected the auto man to be this knowledgeable! We later came to know that he is a Bsc bio-tech student and he’s planning to pursue Msc soon! He drives auto as a part-time job and pays his fees on his own!
I was completely stunned! I learnt a very important lesson that day…Never judge a person by their appearance or the profession they do !

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