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Bloopers in English !

English is a very beautiful language! It is by and far the most popular language …!  Especially in country like India, right from businessmen to beggars, the knowledge of English language has spread far and wide… In such a language, errors that we make while speaking are also aplenty! The saddest part is that we don’t realize that it is a mistake…(When a mistake is made by all , it is never categorized as a mistake)! So in this blog, I’d like to throw some light on the most common mistakes that is made while speaking!
During world cup, I had been to a restaurant…The entire crowd  was watching the match on the exclusive TV there…When a batsman was run out in a very silly manner, a guy shouted out in fury “It was a blunder mistake”... The word blunder means big mistake”… The correct sentence should have been “It was a blunder”.
The next blooper is “I want two xeroxes of this receipt”… The term xerox is used in North American English as a verb…Actually xerox is the name of the company that supplies photocopies. So the correct way to put it is  “I want two photocopies of this receipt”. 
Another very very common mistake is “One of my friend lives here” ...Am sure many would ask whats wrong with this sentence? Correction, people! The perfect form is “One of my friends lives here”.
By now you all must be wondering “It would have been more better” had I taken a different topic to blog…Found the error? “Better”,by itself is a comparative degree…Why add a “more” to it? It should be “It would have been better”.
Use of propositions in the correct place is always a matter of concern.. “Into what did he fall?”, ” Tell me from where did you get?”, “For what are you waiting?”…All these may sound correct but actually they are not! “What did he fall into?”, “Tell me where did you get it from?” and “What are you waiting for?” are the perfect ones instead.
While writing, we get confused with the use of loose/lose, advice/advise, week/weak, weather/whether, decent/descent, of/off so on and so forth…Its a never ending list 😛
English may sound easy but according to me it is one of the most toughest languages… There are numerous chances of going wrong… Nuances must be found and mastered in order to become a perfect speaker.So please ensure that you use the right word at the right time to the right person! 🙂

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