In the memory of 11/11/11

I actually didn’t have any plans to blog today… I didn’t find any interesting topic to share with you all!When I was done with my day’s work, a wonderful idea struck me! Today is 11/11/11, its a very very rare day…It happens once in a century! This made me write, rather dedicate a blog to this very special day!
Such unique days are always a hot topic of discussion…! We all would have heard of the proverb make hay while the sun shinesThe people who have rightly understood this proverb is none other than our astrologers… There will be hundreds and thousands of predictions about such kind of unique days. Mostly it will be forecast of some dire consequences…They warn us about the effect of planetary change in our life… The statements like Saturn entering Libra, mercury getting out of virgo, jupiter and venus are sitting together in your house would always perplex me…I used to wonder how does saturn or mercury enter or leave your house?
I can never forget this incident…There was this daily prediction column in the newspaper..One day, before leaving to my school I quickly read the prediction for my sign…It was given...”Congratulations! Saturn is leaving your house today…Happy days ahead!” After reading this I was completely shocked…The entire day in my school I had umpteen number of questions like who was this stranger who lived in my house so long and how come I didn’t see him? Why didn’t he have a home and why my house? 😛
But later I realised all these are “virtual houses” and the planets are “personified”…But such personification of planets makes me giggle even today! 😀
The reason for me to write about this topic is I read an article that there are tremendous planetary changes that are going to  take place on 11/11/11…This makes our dear friend saturn entering some house…neptune going opposite venus thereby warning us of mishaps! I really found it funny as well as a good blogging lead 😛 Planning to write a detailed blog about “our homeless planet friends” soon 😛
Eagerly waiting for 12/12/12 prediction 😛
PS: Am posting this blog on 11/11/11 at 11:11 pm 😀

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