colours, monsoon, rain


Everybody loves rain…don’t we? The reasons may be different though! As a school kid I used to love monsoon season as we get many rain holidays:-P But as I grew up, I started to enjoy rain by just watching it with a hot cup of coffee in my hand(may be few hot snacks along with my tea would suffice)…I would define it as “the moment” always!!!
The start of monsoon is directly proportional to the number of umbrellas we see on road..Umbrellas are so colourful these days…I have actually seen many of the unseen shades of colours(it reminds me of the which colour do you choose game which we used to play in childhood…we have to run around to find the colours that the catcher tells…it becomes difficult to locate certain shades of colours then…I used to get out soon, owing to the lack of availability of such different colour shades).
Another thing I’d like to observe is the rainbow colours that is formed on the stagnant pool of water when a vehicle passes through it…The oil spilt on the water will reflect the rainbow colours and the sight will be very beautiful…
The birds and animals are always something cute… When its about to rain the fluffed up feathers and fur will make them look fat!!!Its a must watch sight(most of us will miss it for sure)
Watching the waves on a rainy day will be mind blowing…The grey and fierce of the storm will be exactly depicted by the waves(going to the waters will be very dangerous of course!)The point where the grey sky meets the grey waves and mist covering the ships are a must watch from a distance!
Nature is something wonderful…We have many such beautiful things around us which we fail to realise because our busy lifestyle…Life is short…Make every moment beautiful:-)

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