I was pondering over what to write…considering that its my first blog(starting problems are always there) .I finally decided to start my blogging on a “happy” note!!!

When we pose an interesting question “What makes you happy?”, we’ll get plenty of out-of-the-box replies. Most of us will give a direct answer like “enjoying the rain” or “going on a holiday” or “when a friend agrees to take you on a treat(though the same might be the unhappy day for the friend who is treating you)” or”sudden promotion/salary hike”, so on… When we think about the question a little more,”What makes me happy?” The most appropriate answer will be “I make myself happy”!!!
Happiness  is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions. External factors do contribute to it, but the final control lies within us. We all would have experienced “good” days and “bad” days. “Good days” are termed as days when we feel extremely happy, right from the beginning of the day…everything will go amazingly well as-per plan. “Bad days” are termed as days when everything becomes an utter flop and even the slightest of things can annoy us. Our day becomes a good or a bad day only from the manner in which we look at it. If we start our day with a positive note, am sure everyday will be a happy day. Here are few tips to make your day happy:

-> Start the day with a smile: Smiling is contagious. When you smile at a person, they will surely smile back. It makes you as well as the other person feel better.

->Make sure to greet your friends/colleagues: A simple “hi”, “hello” or just waving your hand acknowledging your friend in-spite of your busy work can do wonders. It makes people around you to feel comfortable which in turn is sure to make you happy.It creates an aura of friendliness around you!

->Never let others spoil your day: When your colleague/friend is having a bad day(in their terms) and lets it out on you,don’t let it spoil your day. Just understand that they are just not in their element. Try your bit to help them,if not, the better option will be to move away from that place.

-> Give genuine compliments:All of us like compliments that too when it comes from a genuine source.When you feel your friend has done something well, ensure that you let him/her know about it. It can make his/her day happy. Your friend is sure to follow the same soon!

->Never grieve over past or worry about the future: This is easy to tell but definitely very difficult(nearly impossible) to implement.We always search for reasons to worry about something or the other. For eg, After my 12th I was worrying about getting into a good engineering college. After getting into college, I was worried about staying in hostel..Then I was worried about my placement…After getting placed in a famous IT company, I was worried about my DOJ.After getting DOJ I was worried about making new friends, good domain,getting accustomed to new environment…After getting into the company and settling down for a week, when I heard about reshuffling I was worried about getting used to new atmosphere all over again. But today, a week after reshuffling, am happy and comfortable here also. At every stage I used to miss the previous or worry about the next.When I think about it now…while writing my blog..I find it very funny!

That’s life! It just goes on….So, it is “I” which is the centre of happIness.

Your happiness revolves around you.

                                                    Have A Happy Day! 

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